As CloudStream’s International Consultant of the year 2016, I had the privilege of spending 9 days in London, visiting our head office and experiencing the big city life.

This was my first trip to London, and one I had dreamt about for many years. I squashed into my window seat for the 12-hour night flight and began preparing myself for what would be an exceptional week. As we landed I woke up to bright sunshine and a glorious day in London, whoever said the weather was miserable hadn’t seen this day.

From the moment, I stepped outside my hotel room onto the streets of London, I fell in love. The city has an unexplainable energy and it smells like opportunity! Every door you pass, is an entrepreneur of sort earning a living. Millions of people on the streets at any given time, countless attractions to see, restaurants from across the globe, choices are limitless and each part of town carrying its own unique vibe. What an amazing opportunity!

I was keen to mix business with pleasure and had arranged a selection of technology focused meetings, the first of which was in the daunting Canary Wharf.

Just like you see in the movies, there were three piece suits, everyone had a purpose, and the buildings were nothing like I had experienced before. I walked out of that first meeting feeling like a million bucks. All the way from little Cape Town, this meeting with the EVP of a multi-billion-dollar company, made my trip worth every penny! For me, this was such a great practical example of just how much technology is making the world so accessible and enables us to do business from wherever we choose, provided that the service is exceptional.

What made my trip even more special was the way our London office went out of their way to make me feel at home we had dinner, drinks, theatre and enough time off to see all the sites. Our CEO even took me to a roof top bar overlooking St Pauls to give me the birds eye perspective of London. But, if I had to choose the biggest highlight, it must be The Lion King at the Lyceum theatre. The show is absolutely mind blowing! I couldn’t keep the tears from falling with the opening act, goose bumps covered my body and it was mixed emotions of childhood nostalgia and African pride.

Thank you CloudStream and I looking forward to the next trip – roll on 2017!

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