By Petrus Wessels

Whether you take a bus, ride a train, hail a taxi or cruise in your personal car,  one thing that most of us can never avoid is a daily commute. 

There is a big debate and movement towards a more flexible work/life balance, with flexible working hours or remote working incentives, but this is still the exception and not the rule.

On average we spend 8 days per year commuting to and from work.  If you are a public transport passenger, lucky enough to get a seat, you could use this time to catch up on work emails or read a book.  Those of us not so fortunate or inclined are probably listening to our favorite music streaming app or radio station.  What I have found to be a happy medium is listening to podcasts during this time.

Not only do you get podcasts that are extremely informative and news worthy, but also those that cover more light-hearted or specialist topics.  Whether you are looking for something that discusses current events, your favorite comedian or a deep dive on TV shows, movies or books, it is always good to keep balance accross a variety of genres. I decided to mix different genres to different days of the week, but please take this as more of a guideline to finding your own mix. Hopefully it will lead you to a more personalized collection of podcasts.


I find podcasts that feature thought leaders or something with a motivational message to get me in the right frame of mind to start the week.  I then like to end off the day with a news related podcast.


Staying in the realm of news but leaning towards entertainment, on a Tuesday I like to  listen to a podcast that would feature current events, entertainment or a podcast that would discuss a book, movie or television show I like.


To get me over the hump of the week, I fall straight into comedy on a Wednesday.  Whether this is straight forward standup or an episode that features discussions with some of my favorite comedians.  The week just seems so much shorter if you pause and have a laugh.


To get the balance back, I would usually decide to listen to something with a more serious tone on a Thursday.  Being in the recruitment industry, I like to listen to leaders and innovators of my industry as well as the field that I specialize in within recruitment.  However, I have switched it up with a podcast that would feature a specialist subject outside of my career related to hobbies or interests.


Wild card day!! On a Friday I would decide on the day what I would like more of from the past week, or embark on a new journey.  Because there are more and more podcasts everyday and something new to learn in every episode.

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