TechStream Singapore Awards 2019

We all know most recruiters put in the time, energy, and sometimes stress and heartache because they love what they do. 

We are pleased to announce the winners for our Singapore office in 2019 Awards.

2019 Top Biller Award
Adam Fletcher
Director of CyberStream Global
With the drive, determination and a smashing record, Adam was awarded the 2019 Top Biller Award for Asia Pacific. His ability to build relationships, deep market knowledge and his ability to advise and consult in the truest sense of the word gives him greater credibility in his clients’ eyes and makes him the go-to person in cybersecurity. Adam put in his best and the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Congratulations Adam!

2019 Most Improved Award
Nathanael Steiner
Director of EarthStream Global
This award is given for overall performance and contribution of an individual throughout the year. It’s not just about successful billings but moreover workplace attitude, perseverance, selflessness and leading by example. Nathanael has shown us his influence on all these elements over 2019 has been substantial. He displayed exemplary improvement performing above and beyond our expectations ensuring not only a personal best for him but also a significant step forward in his team. Congratulations Nat!

2019 People’s Choice Award
Alissa Hamdan
Operations Manager
The people have voted! It’s amazing what you can achieve with a people’s vote when you are in charge of counting the votes! Lisa has come a very long way from her administrative and support function, now driving major changes in marketing, operational procedures, office environment, team events and many many more. Congratulations Lisa!

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