TechStream Germany team at charity drive

On the 10th December, our TechStream Germany office celebrated their Christmas festivities!

As highlighted before, they went to the social institution “Bahnhofmission” at the Munich Main Central Station. Our team were deeply touched by the management onsite, managed from Bettina Spahn as they explained how they embrace the (basic) needs (like food or shelter) to the people in a practical way. During this visit, we donated a large number of sleeping pads for the shelter.

The meeting room, where the attached picture was captured, is used as a sleeping room for women and kids who do not a place to stay. On average, five women and kids sleep in this tiny room per night!

We will maintain our PayPal donation until the 24th December and as promised we’ll double up the amount which has been donated.

At this point, we’ve managed to collect 150 EUR – can we reach 400 EUR? Help us and donate today:

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