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By Andre Sola

In the first week of December, I went to London to visit my fellow colleagues in our TechStream Group London office.

As it turns out, it was the last time visiting England in the European Union. BREXIT will become reality! There is a double-democratic vote about it, which we need to accept. It may be a bit premature to answer how Brexit will influence our recruitment business; because there are many negotiations that must still take place. Brexit is just the end of phase one.

There will need to be an agreement with Germany about immigration and labour movements. There will need to a VAT agreement with all of the EU 27 and what happens with A1 certificates? All of that will depend on what is agreed subsequently. There are strict data protection laws in the EU under the GDPR directive. German clients could be reluctant about transferring data outside of the EU at least without new corporate rules and additional contract clauses.

Some might feel that it is easier to contract with an EU based supplier! Will this be the end of the UK-based recruitment industry working the German/Swiss market out of UK based Office? We’d love to know your thoughts on this subject – please e-mail us on and let us know how you feel Brexit will affect the global recruitment industry.

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